”There was something instead hands support” saids Barcelona’s entrepreneur who have create patented modular accessories for a maximum easy use&versatility. He is working and influenced for a Swedish company that is high regarded worldwide as inventor&engineering.

What we do

Modular accesories with Gecko Lizard-Grip for your Smartphone. Smarthphone’s maximum easy use&versatility everywhere. There was a need of “Something instead hands support”.


We have developed over two years, in conjuntion with the University of Engineering of Barcelona UPC, a revolutionary and unique foldable stand for Smartphone.


We use new materials (microsuction) and a hinge, safe with 5 positions.


During these two years we have made eight prototype, 2 silicone molds having performed a short series and an aluminum mold for a long series of units.

By Dynamometer we have performed a load test pad acrylic giving satisfactory results, as our path supports about 10 kg. (Smatphone weight of about 150 gr.).

look gecko test