What does?

No glue. No magnet. Microsuction synthetically emulates the adhesive qualities of geckofeet.


The surface of them foam is laden with thousand of open air-pockets that act like tiny suction cups. Vacuum brings suction, suction secures grip.

What are the advantajes?

Microsuction´s foam have extremely long life expectancy & easy on/off attachment without residues. We use 8mm thick foam to get the best grip.


The first folding clamping easy to use and at an angle of view perfect for you.


Press the button to rotate and easily folded hinge 0º to 170º in 5 positions, thus achieving a perfect viewing angle and finding comfort you need in any application.


Two accessories for three functions: Join easy handle accessory with stand table accessory for converting gecko into a standing device for gps. It is easy to carry couse is foldable, modular and light.


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Which smartphones are supported?

Any smartphone with a flat back non porous, either plastic, metal or glass.

What surfaces can be used with Gecko Barcelona?

They can be used in all the flat surfaces of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, marble, etc … can not be used on rough or rough surfaces like a wall.

How long suction work?

It’s amazing, the longer you leave the smartphone hooked, the more you grab, because it increases the number of holes that make the suction effect.

How to attach the strap with the table stand?

It is very easy, there is only one fitting option. Joins the shaft end of the bracket with the hole in the shoulder strap and slide smoothly.

How to stick my Gecko?

Separate protective film of acrylic microsuction pad and presses against the back of your Smartphone and activate its suckers Gecko. (Do not remove any element of microsuction abrupt).

What is the care that must be given to the pad?

Eventually microsuction foams can foul and lose some of its properties suction, but be as new in a simple and easy way.

Cleaning is very simple:

  • Rub the foam with a cloth and some water to remove dirt and clean it with tape.
  • Let air dry for 10 minutes.
  • After drying pad microsuction will be like new.

How often cleaning is recommended?

We recommend cleaning every 2 or 3 days, especially the attachment strap and GPS.

How long does microsuction pad last?

Gecko lifetime is extremely long. We have tested using it 10,000 times in two weeks and the result was amazing. We have tested on a dynamometer and Gecko holds 10kg. The weight of a smartphone is 150 gr. approximately.

Is it possible to change the Gecko Pad?

Microsuction’s forms have extremely log life expentancy, also we have spares.



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